Leftover Pumpkins? Feed a Pig!

By djsheryl on November 2, 2022
METHUEN, MA – NOVEMBER 2: A pig at MSPCA at the Nevins Farm in Methuen, Mass., eats a donated Halloween pumpkin on Nov. 2, 2016. The farm is encouraging people this week to turn over any uncarved, unpainted, fresh pumpkins for the pigs to eat and play with. (Photo by Jonathan Wiggs/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

Now that Halloween is over, what do you do with the leftover pumpkins? Don’t throw them away! Every year, over a billion pounds of pumpkins end up in the landfill and that’s bad for our environment. In landfills, the pumpkins decompose and release methane, a greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change.

Unlike leftover candy, it’s not easy to eat a leftover pumpkin…unless you are a farm animal. Pumpkins make a great, nutritious treat for farm animals and there are farmers all over the country welcoming donations.

Find a farm near you by visiting Pumpkins for Pigs and plugging in your zip code. The environment wins. The pigs win! We all win!

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