‘Last Man Standing’ Will Return To TV On New Network Later This Month

‘Last Man Standing’ will be returning to TV later this month.

By NathanG on September 10, 2018
(Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

With the news earlier this year that Fox would be bringing back Last Man Standing, fans have been eagerly awaiting a premiere date. Fox picked up the series this past Spring, after ABC cancelled the show last year following decreased ratings. Fox then announced that Last Man Standing would resume this coming Fall, with production filming over the summer.

According to Popsugar, Fox released their Fall schedule, which had Last Man Standing keeping its classic 8 p.m. time-slot on Friday nights. Additionally, they gave the show an official premiere date of Friday, September 28.

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The show will reportedly continue the same tone and humor the series has been known for, however, some changes have been announced with the switching to a new network. It was announced that Molly Ephraim would be unable to reprise her role as the middle daughter, Mandy, and that she would be recast for the next season. Alongside her, the grandson character, Boyd, will be recast as well.

Are you excited for the return of Last Man Standing? To read more about the show and its switch to the new network, click here.

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