Lake Tahoe Beaches Have Been Shrinking This Month From Snow-melt

Officials are reporting that snow-melt is leading to rising water levels at Lake Tahoe, and a decrease in beach availability for the 4th of July.

By NathanG on July 3, 2019
(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Beaches along Lake Tahoe will be looking smaller than usual, as 4th of July goers come to visit.

According to Good Day Sacramento, visitors looking to catch fireworks along Tahoe beaches may want to arrive early to secure a spot. Kings Beach is reportedly significantly narrower than usual, with some areas having no beach access at all. Snow-melt has led to Lake Tahoe officially reaching its capacity. Because of this phenomenon, some Lake Tahoe beaches have even disappeared entirely. Dave Hunt of the Placer County Sheriff’s Department described the situation, saying, “Usually there’s sand and you can kind of go play on the rocks and there are little wooden steps you can go down to the beach on, and now the water is all the way up to those steps.”

Folks looking to visit Lake Tahoe for the 4th are encouraged to stake their spot early. 

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