Kids Say “Cool Moms” Never Do These 3 Things

By djsheryl on August 27, 2021
LVIV, UKRAINE – AUGUST 24: A child, wrapped in the Ukrainian national flag, poses with his mother at a public celebration for the 30th anniversary of Ukrainian independence, on August 24, 2021 in Lviv, Ukraine. The country declared independence in 1991 days after a communist coup against Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev by hardliners bent on preventing the Soviet Union’s collapse failed. The holiday has taken on increased significance since 2014, when relations between Ukraine and Russia disintegrated after Russia annexed the Crimean peninsula, leading to an ongoing conflict that, according to the Ukrainian government, has killed 14,000 people. (Photo by Adam Berry/Getty Images)

Are you a “Cool Mom”? I always thought I was until I read the results of this survey. Kids were asked what things a “Cool Mom” never does and I’m pretty sure I’ve done everything on the list! LOL

Here are kids’ top 3 answers:

1) Cool Moms never use their nickname or a pet name in front of their friends, like calling them “sweetheart” or “Jamie” instead of “James.” 

2) Cool Moms never shout their name at a sporting event, or any other event they’re taking part in. 

3) And finally, 40% of kids said a cool mom would never dance in public. 

Oh well….guess I’ll just hand in my “Cool Mom” card now. Haha!

Speaking of “Mom Dancing”…..if you’ve never seen Jimmy Fallon’s  “Evolution of Mom Dancing” video….it’s hilarious and might make you feel better about your own mom dancing. LOL!

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