Kevin McCallister Left ‘Home Alone’ With Google Assistant

What would “Home Alone” be like if it was filmed today, and with all the latest tech from Google and its assistant?

By DAVID on December 20, 2018
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Macaulay Culkin of course played Kevin McCallister in the “Home Alone” series, which are a holiday favorite of many. But the first movie was filmed back in 1990, 8 years before Google was even a company. This ad from Google puts him back in the house he grew up in, but with some more high-tech advantages.

Paired with Google Assistant, Kevin is able to get through being left home alone much more hands-free. All he has to do is ask Google to do some things for him. Remember the basement scene with the scary heater? Have Google adjust the thermostat, no need to go down there. He must have used up all the after-shave when he was a kid, so he asked Google to add it to his shopping list. Pizza’s here, according to the doorbell camera he answered via Google Home. When 9:00 rolls around – Google again to the rescue to get “Operation Kevin” under way. It’s a funny modern take, check it out!

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