Keith Urban And Nicole Kidman Perform Intimate Duet [VIDEO]

Keith Urban invited his wife and movie star, Nicole Kidman, on stage to sing a duet with him. As if they couldn’t be more perfect, they sound amazing together.

By WKBW on April 27, 2018
keith urban
(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Keith Urban recently performed at a Nashville Fans First party for his album Graffiti U. Nicole Kidman gave him a bit of a hard time while he was telling the audience about a song.

During his appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Keith told the host about the private listening party. According to Sounds Like Nashville, he said:

“We were at this event where I was playing just a couple songs acoustic off the record, talking about the album. Somebody was asking about this song called ‘Parallel Line’ in the audience. Ed Sheeran’s one of the writers and he plays on it, so I’m talking about the song. I’m talking and talking, and in the back of the room, this woman goes, ‘Play the song.’ And I was like I know that voice anywhere ‘cause it’s my wife heckling me basically.”

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Turns out her shouting was for the best, anyway, because it made the country singer ask Nicole to join him on stage:

“So I said, ‘Will you come up and do it with me?’ which I never thought she would do because she’s very frustrated and it’s excruciating for her to do that. But she did, she got up and sang.”

Watch the interview below.

And listen to the lovely “Parallel Line” performance below.

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