Idiot Hides Camera In Bathroom, Records Himself Setting It Up

A guy hid a camera inside a portable toilet, and he did the dumbest thing possible that he could have done to get caught.

By DAVID on April 27, 2018
(Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

Oh yes, this is true proof that some people just aren’t cut out for a life of crime. This creep set up a hidden camera in a bathroom, and he got himself caught pretty much immediately. For his stupidity, we don’t feel bad laughing at this guy at all, and he deserves whatever is coming his way.

When you’re setting up hidden cameras, what do you do? Well, that’s rhetorical, but you try not to expose your identity on the camera in any way, right? Short of writing “if found return to ______” on the back of the camera, what else could you do? The next dumbest thing you could do is look directly into the lens when you set the camera up. That’s exactly what this moron did. The idiocracy doesn’t stop there, it gets better.

The man who set the camera up is a professional engineering inspector. He hid the camera in one of those portable toilets on construction sites. In the image captured, he pretty clearly can be seen, face, and even his hard hat and green high-visibility vest. There’s no mistaking him with anyone else. Unfortunately a few people did use the toilet before anyone noticed, but after discovering the loser’s face on film, detectives were able to apprehend him without much effort.

The guy was charged with 9 misdemeanor-counts and we’re pretty sure he’s going to have a hard time finding a new job from now on. For all the info related to this case, including the original police report, check it out here. Have you ever seen a hidden camera in a public spot like a bathroom or dressing room? Have you ever caught anyone trying to film something they shouldn’t be?

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