Hovering Above A Nasty Toilet Seat Might Be Worse Than Sitting On It

By Felicia Czochanski on June 28, 2018
(Photo by Natalie Behring/Getty Images)

This changes everything I’ve ever thought I’ve known about public bathrooms!!

We’ve all been in a public bathroom that needs more than just a little attention. One look at the toilet seat and you’re like, “No way. No how is my tooshie touching that seat!”

Well, according to a doctor in England, it actually might be WORSE for your health to hover above a nasty toilet seat than just to plop down on it. Why? She says when you hover, it makes the muscles in your abs, back, legs, and pelvic area really tense. That makes it harder to pee or poop, so you have to push harder . . . and if you do that enough, you could wind up with a hernia. WHAT!? And, it might not allow you to empty your bladder, which can lead to urinary tract infections.

She says instead if you just sit down on the toilet, it’s, “very unlikely” that you’d catch anything. she says if you’re going to get an intestinal disease, it will probably be from fecal matter on your hands that gets transferred to your food. GROSS!!!



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