The Guy Who Confused Osama Bin Laden For Barack Obama [VIDEO]

A guy on a TV game show had to give a clue about people with the name “Obama” – but instead of saying “Barack,” he says “Bin Laden.”

By on August 15, 2018
(Photo by Hannah Peters/Getty Images)

You might have seen the clip being shared around on your news feeds. It’s the guy who’s on the $100,000 Pyramid game show. His clue is “People Whose Last Name is Obama.” Easy, right? You could say “Barack,” “Michelle,” etc. Not this guy. This guy confused “Obama” with “Osama,” and blurts out “Bin Laden.”

He actually says “Bin Laden.” Oops. Obviously that is very wrong, and people started accusing him of racism, not knowing anything about politics, the works. The guy clearly feels bad for his screw-up. You can see it in his face in the clip as soon as he says it. Ok you can’t really see it, but I would guess it’s a look of self-shock. Here’s the clip we’re talking about, it goes pretty quickly:

That’s not the end of it, nuh-uh. That guy later went on a PR Tweet-fest explaining the situation. No, I’m not bashing the guy at all, I get it. How many times have you been in a situation where you answer someone’s question or made some sort of a statement that just worked better in your head? His explanation makes total sense though, but it’s long. The short version is that he was trying to think in that short pause in the clip. Then his brain went to things related to President Obama, which is how he got to “Bin Laden.” It’s how our brains work, and I really feel for the guy. Oh, also, he’s a new dad of a two-week-old, he’s tired on top of it. Read his full explanation here.

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