This Guy Built A Batcave In His Backyard, HOA Doesn’t Like It

A man was tired of having a pest problem in his neighborhood, so he built a batcave – for actual bats – to handle the pests.

By on July 20, 2018
(Photo by Ian Waldie/Getty Images)

A real-life Batman over here. Picture this – you’re a good person who wants to help your community however you can. So you decide to build a batcave in your yard to assist in the removal of local villains. It’s a literal batcave, and those villains are mosquitos. I’m talking about actual bats, what did you think I meant?

A man in Arizona purchased his home in 2011. Since then, he’s noticed a problem in his neighborhood. There are a lot of mosquitos around. Mosquitos are obviously annoying, nobody wants to deal with them. You have people over for a cookout, swimming, anything – and they fly around and bite. It gets itchy, you have to use ointment, smelly sprays, and they still don’t work. Perfect solution – bats! They eat mosquitos!

So Steve Pate built a literal batcave in his yard. The bats moved in, and they solved the mosquito problem. BUT, his homeowners association says he has to remove the structure. It’s a tall post, basically, with a wide, flat portion on top. You’ve probably seen them before and didn’t even realize it. The Arizona Game and Fish Department even encourages building the caves. However, the HOA says it’s a nuisance, and he needs to remove it immediately. BUT, if there are baby bats inside the cave, it shouldn’t be disturbed until closer to November. A big spiral of problems – see some more on the batcave here.

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