Great News for California’s Reservoirs

By djsheryl on February 28, 2023
OROVILLE, CA – February 08, 2023: A boat dock floats at the Spillway Launch Ramp at Lake Oroville on Wednesday February 08, 2023 in Oroville, CA. (Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

Storm after storm is certainly no fun for travel plans and weekend fun, but it’s been extremely good for California’s water supply. Reservoirs are filling up to levels we haven’t seen in years. As of today, reservoirs at Folsom, Oroville, New Bulliards Bar, Camanche, and Sonoma are all OVER 100% of the historical average…and we still have more rain & snow on the way.

Officials say the drought is far from over, but the California drought map keeps improving. The latest map shows that there are no longer any areas of exceptional or extreme drought in California. Some areas of the state are no longer in drought at all. The drought map is updated weekly and you can check it here. It will be interesting to see what next week’s map shows us after the current storms have moved through.

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