Google Maps Now Using Fast Food Restaurants to Give Directions

By Felicia Czochanski on April 20, 2018
(Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

You know, it’s just like when you give directions to a friend, you say things like turn at the McDonalds and then it’s half way down the street on your left, often not really knowing the street names, especially the smaller ones. Well, now Google Maps is going for a more casual approach when it comes to doling out directions. There are tweets that go back as far as last month with people shocked at being told to turn at the Pizza Hut, rather than a specific street name. A tech sit asked Google about the changes and discovered they’re trying this new method of directions to try and make navigation simpler. However, they did not say if this would be a permanent change with a wider rollout. It’s also not clear whether Google Maps will charge landmarks for partnership or potentially advertising. I mean, it’s not out the question that you might hear, “Turn right at McDonalds, after grabbing a Big Mac and fries.”

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