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Front Street Program Lets You Adopt A Dog For A Day

Volunteer fosters are taking dogs out of the shelter short-term, ranging from a couple of hours to sleepovers,

Did you know that Front Street Animal Shelter has a new program that allows you to take adoptable dogs out for the day?  The “Doggie Day Out” program began about two months ago and is already so popular they’re having trouble trying to keep up with demand.

“The program lets volunteers take dogs out for short-term fosters, ranging from a couple of hours to sleepovers,” Bobby Mann, communications director at Front Street told the Sacramento Bee.

The dogs are checked out almost daily for adventures like going on a run, to restaurants, hiking, or just cuddles at home. After they get adopted, a new dog takes their place in the program.

Doggie Day Out volunteer fosters are paired with dogs that best match their plans for the day. The dogs benefit be getting away from the stress of being in the shelter, as well as being exposed to potential adopters. 

Front Street asks that you take a few pictures of the your day together and report back with anything you may have learned about your new friend. Did they have a favorite toy? Quirky habits? Interesting behaviors?

There are only six to eight dogs participating in the program at once. Also, priority is given to dogs who have been in the shelter for an extended amount of time.

If you see someone around town walking a dog with a yellow leash adorned with the words ADOPT ME, stop and ask them about the program. You can also check out the Doggie Day Out website HERE.

The City of Sacramento website also has more information on becoming a Doggie Day Out volunteer.

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