Get Free Pizza Hut If This Record Is Broken On Sunday’s Big Game

If this record is broken on Sunday’s Big Game, then you’ll be able to pick up a free medium two-topping pizza at Pizza Hut!

By Admin on February 1, 2018
pizza hut
(Photo by Jeff Schear/Getty Images for Pizza Hut)

Back in 2007’s Big Game (Indianapolis Colts versus the Chicago Bears), Devin Hester made a touchdown within 14 seconds. He broke the record for fastest score made in Big Game history. Pizza Hut teamed up with Hester to see if anyone can create a new record this year.

Hester said:

“I’m teaming up with Pizza Hut to challenge players in this year’s Big Game to score a touchdown faster than I did in 2007. If they do, and I hope they do, Hut Rewards members will earn free pizza.”

All you have to do is sign up for the Hut Rewards loyalty program, then wait and see. If someone breaks the record, Hut Rewards members will get a free medium two-topping pizza.

In addition, according to Penny Hoarder, members with the program get two points for every $1 spent. At 150 points, the pizza chain gives away a free two-topping pizza.

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