For Sale: the ‘Christmas Story’ House

By djsheryl on November 16, 2022
The house used for exterior shots of Ralphie’s home from the movie ‘A Christmas Story’. Cleveland, Ohio.

Have you ever watched “A Christmas Story” and wished that you could spend Christmas in the house? Well, now you can. The house from the iconic Holiday movie is for sale!

The house is part of a 1.3-acre property that also includes a museum, a gift shop, and “the Bumpus House”, where the turkey-stealing dogs lived.

If interested in buying it, just know that this is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Cleveland, Ohio. More than 75,000 people per year pay to visit the museum, which features costumes and props, like a 1930s firetruck, from the movie. So, it’s not just a house, it’s a job, a hobby, a way of life.

Still interested? Potential buyers can contact Be prepared to explain why you’d want the piece of movie history, as well as how much you would pay.

For the rest of us…we can visit the house and the Parker family in the long-awaited sequel, A Christmas Story Christmas. It arrives on HBO Max tomorrow (Nov. 17).

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