Farms At Apple Hill Are Set To Open Early This Week

Apple Hill is a popular Sacramento-area family spot, and a lot of the farms are opening early this year due to an early harvest – in time for this weekend.

By on August 28, 2018
(Photo by Johannes Simon/Getty Images)

Just like with the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte, it seems that everyone wants fall to come early this year. Apple Hill just announced that many of their farms are opening early this year. Just in time for Labor Day weekend. Some farms are even opening as early as Thursday.

So the official start date for fall, or “autumn” as it’s formal title, is September 23rd this year. Still 3-and-a-half weeks out, but Apple Hill is getting to work early. Not all of them, but some of the farms on the hill are opening in time for Labor Day weekend. Hopefully that means some stay-cationers will be making a trip out there this weekend. And possibly some out-of-towners may be stopping by as well, so it’s a good weekend to open. Truly though, the early opening has a lot to do with the crops.

The apples, a lot of them anyway, are ripening early. That’s a good sign that they should go ahead and open for business. I mean, it is pretty much most of the business that happens there. Besides the Christmas tree farm and pumpkin patch, apples are a pretty big thing there. It IS called “Apple Hill,” after all. I’ll see my way out for that obvious, slightly painful joke. Ahem. Here’s a list of all the farms, and you can click around to see who’s open and what their hours are.

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