Fans Of One Direction Upset Over Lack Of Solo Grammy Nominations

Despite every member of One Direction releasing a solo effort this year, none received a nomination in any category and fans were not happy…..

By austind03 on November 28, 2017
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Popular boy band One Direction has never won a Grammy Award, and each members’ solo efforts aren’t going to win any awards this year either…

Billboard has reported that fans of the group have taken to Twitter to show their displeasure with this year’s Grammy nominees.

Despite every member of the group releasing a solo effort, none received a nomination in any category.

While some snubs were more justifiable than others (Niall Horan‘s debut album Flicker was released too late in the year to be considered), others are a little more perplexing. Zayn, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and Louis Tomlinson all had top 40 hits (with the former three all cracking into the Top 10).

What might be even worse is that Zayn’s duet with Taylor Swift, “I Don’t Want To Live Forever,” did get nominated for the category of best song written for a visual medium, but Zayn himself is not eligible for the award (it would actually go to Swift and songwriters Jack Antonoff and Sam Dew).

Here are just a few of the response 1D fans had to the news:

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