Employees Paying Employer So They Can Nap On The Job

More and more employers are offering work-day naps to their employees for a fee, and it takes just as much time or less than a lunch break.

By on May 23, 2018
(Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images)

You’d have to be really tired to pay your boss so you can sleep on the job, but that’s kind of what’s happening these days. It’s a big thing in New York right now, there are company nap spots. Seriously, some are called “zero-gravity beds,” and they’re starting to get popular in offices.

Some people are paying as much as $1 per minute to snooze on the job in these beds. They’re designed to lower your heart rate when you fall asleep, which helps you to de-stress. They’re being targeted to employees with high-stress jobs (likely those in finance). Though if you work in finance, do you want to sleep during trading hours? Anyway, a lot of the jobs where you find these beds are high stress. Whether they’re super competitive, require long hours, or just deal with a lot, the beds are supposed to help with stress. There are a lot of different versions, with some designed to elevate the legs (which lowers heart rate to make you sleep), or that have artificial sunrises. Some are “pods,” others are more cabin-like, and some are just closets with a simple bed.

Some research into sleeping found that only 24% or so of New Yorkers are getting 8 hours of sleep. Half of them are getting less than 6 hours of sleep. We all tend to fall into the “less than 6 hours” category these days, right? Hey, we’re busy, we have kids, we have duties, there’s a lot going on. Wouldn’t you love to take a nap at work, even if it costs a few dollars? Some workers find that a quick nap does them better than a coffee. And let’s be honest, with what coffee costs these days it’s a fair trade. They’re popping up in offices, and there are also dedicated “shops” that have them all lined up. See some more on work napping here, and maybe leave a copy of this article on the office printer your boss uses. Just saying.

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