Elton John Loses It And Walks Offstage After Fan Gets Too Touchy [VIDEO]

After rude fans tried grabbing at Elton John while he was performing “Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting,” the singer lost it and stormed offstage.

By Motherly on March 2, 2018
Elton John Angry, Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting, Las Vegas, Rude Fans
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for NARAS)

Elton John’s tradition of letting fans join him onstage for his hit “Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting” is officially over…

According to TMZ, the singer was performing in Las Vegas Thursday night when he got seriously mad.

In the middle of the song, a male audience member very close to the singer began trying to grab him. The fan was clearly irritating John, but he kept performing after shooting the fan a mean look.

However, when the man tried grabbing at John again later in the song, the singer had enough. After firing some expletives off the mic, Elton John stormed offstage and left the band to finish the song.

While many in the audience thought the rest of the show was cancelled because of the incident, John eventually came back to finish the set. Unfortunately, he made it very clear that fans were not coming back onstage again, saying:

“No more coming on stage on Saturday night. You f***** it up.”

This incident came only a week after a different fan smacked John in the mouth with beads during a performance of the same song.

We definitely don’t blame him for changing his audience policy after all this…

Head right here to learn more and to see the video for yourself.

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