Your Earliest Childhood Memories Might All Be Fake

Can you recall your first childhood memory

By Pacey on July 19, 2018
(Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

Can you recall your first childhood memory? Well, it might not be real.

A new study out of the University of London finds for about 40% of us, our earliest childhood memories are probably FAKE, reports Daily Mail

Researchers say there’s a good chance you THINK you remember something from your early childhood, but you’re really just piecing together fake memories through pictures and stories you’ve heard. That’s especially true if you think you have memories from when you were 2 or younger.

So what are the earliest memories people claim they have? Riding in a stroller . . . being with their family . . . playing with a toy . . . feeling sad . . . and the birth of a sibling.

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