Doctors Are Prescribing National Parks To Patients

Nature is now being looked at as the 4th pillar of health along with diet, exercise and sleep.

By Marilyn Nelson on February 18, 2022
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Joining a movement that began in America, Canadian healthcare practitioners are prescribing national parks to improve their patients’ physical and mental health.

Nature has been found to have a profound affect on a person’s overall health and wellbeing. It became especially evident after people were stuck inside during the pandemic. Getting outdoors and into nature is noticeably helping people reconnect and feel better.

Park Prescriptions America, which began in the United States over a decade ago, has now spread to countries all around the world.

Since hopping aboard, PaRX Canada has over 1,000 medical professionals prescribing the annual Adult Parks Canada Discovery Pass which normally would cost $72.25 or $61.75 for seniors.

The pass allows free entrance into over 80 parks plus historic sites and marine conservation area.

The prescription program is becoming so popular that it is expected to spread across all provinces and territories by the end of the year.


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