The Cure For Obesity Was Just Accidentally Discovered

Scientists accidentally discovered the cure to obesity after trying to fatten up some mice for another experiment.

By on August 14, 2018
(Photo by Don MacKinnon/Getty Images)

Accidents happen, and usually result in something either bad, or at least something unwanted. In this case though, an accident may have found a cure for weight gain. Go ahead and have that free food in the break room, it apparently doesn’t matter any more.

So they’re calling it a cure for obesity, and they literally discovered it by accident. They were trying to “fatten” up some mice when they discovered that the mice weren’t getting any larger. It turns out that the mice were missing a couple genes in their genetic makeup (NRP1 and VEGF). Specifically, the genes were “edited out” of the mice. Those genes are attached to the lymph node. Now that those genes are gone, the vessels around the lymph tissue sort of closed up, which prevents fat particles from being absorbed. No fat being absorbed from the food means no fat being deposited into the body.

The scientists are taking that discovery and seeing if it can somehow be applied to the human body. There is a medicine on the market already that targets one of those genes, but it’s used for glaucoma. Those medicines have the same sort of affect, and people have noticed that it helps prevent fat absorption. However, the scientists want to tweak that some more and make it specifically target those genes, for the purpose of preventing weight gain. It would literally be a pill that would prevent weight gain. Find some more information here.

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