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[PIC] Jennifer Aniston’s ‘Friends’ Selfie

Jennifer Aniston joined Instagram for the first time on Tuesday and “Friends” fans  around the world rejoiced. Jennifer’s first post was with her Friends costars. In a matter of hours, she amassed...

The Mix One Hit Wonder for 10/11

It was 1987.
Nearly everybody had a snap bracelet.

The top selling car was the Ford Escort

And Rick Astley “Together Forever” was on the radio while you were driving!

11 Signs Burglars Spot to Know Your Home Is Vacant

If you know how a burglar thinks you can do a better job at stopping them.  SWNS Digital has shared a game to see if you can notice the signs. Here are the things you should have noticed… Light left on...

Professions That “Get Busy” the Most

If your love-making life isn’t quite as active as you wish it was, your job may be to blame. A new survey asked 2,000 adults in the UK about their romantic lives and their occupations and found some careers tend to see...

The Mix One Hit Wonder for 10/4

Today’s one hit wonder is Tommy Tutone’s “Jenny 867-5309”. So who was “Jenny” anyway? Legend goes that she was an actual ex-girlfriend. 867-5309 was her real phone number. A guy in...

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