California is #1…for UFOS

By djsheryl on October 20, 2022
Vanity License Plate – California (Photo by: Joe Sohm/Visions of America/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Have you ever seen a UFO? If you WANT to see one, you are living in the right state. California has been named the best place to spot a UFO, according to a recent report from the website, Travel Lens. The report said that 15,457 UFOs have been seen in California, with Florida following in second place at 7,790. It seems the UFOs really like Fresno. Since the early 1950s, over 230 people have claimed to see UFOs in Fresno, according to data from the National UFO Reporting Center.

We’ve also had hundreds of sightings in Sacramento. The most recent UFO sighting in Sacramento was just a few weeks ago, September 30, 2022, when a fleet of orbs were captured on video. UFO expert Scott Waring describes the video, which you can see here. “This eyewitness was driving along the freeway when then noticed three UFOs which broke into four and flew along side the freeway for about 20 minutes,” Waring said. “The driver wanted to stop but said there was no place safe to pull alongside.”

Watch the video and see what you think it is. I’m thinking…. some kind of drones, but I’m no expert.

What’s your UFO story?

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