Caesar Salad Candy Canes are Here

By djsheryl on December 21, 2022
(Photo by Hauke-Christian Dittrich/picture alliance via Getty Images)

I wonder if this counts as eating your veggies. Caesar Salad candy canes exist. They are part of a line of “gourmet” candy canes that includes the favors of brisket, ketchup, cherry, bubble gum, clove, mac and cheese, pickle, bacon, kale, hot dog, sour cream and onion, and mango chili.

David Wahl, who goes by the title “Director of Awesome” at Archie McPhee, the company behind these unusual candies, says “My dream would be just like Willy Wonka to do a full meal of candy canes, where you started with the appetizer and worked your way to dessert.” You could totally do that with the McPhee candy cane lineup. Not seeing them in stores? You can order here. A six pack is just &6.95.

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