Brian Wilson’s ‘F’ in High School Music Class Gets Changed To An ‘A’ [PIC]

The Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson’s ‘F’ in music class for a song that would later become a classic has now been retroactively changed to an ‘A.’

By WKBW on January 17, 2018
brian wilson
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

When Brian Wilson attended Hawthorne High School in the ’50s, he failed a music class assignment. The composition that got the failing grade was the beginnings of what would later become a Beach Boys hit. The song was “Surfin’,” the band’s breakout single.

After all these years, Hawthorne’s current principal, Dr. Landesfeind, invited Wilson back on campus to correct the grade, reports Pitchfork. He posted a picture of himself holding his grade-corrected homework assignment, with Dr. Landesfeind smiling by his side.

Certainly, Wilson must have thought back to this assignment and grade when “Surfin'” hit No. 1.

What a cherry on top!

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