A Birth Control Recalled For Packaging Error

A birth control was just recalled due to a packaging error that put the placebo pills in the incorrect spot.

By on May 30, 2018
(Photo Illustration by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Birth control had a good streak for a while after the mass recalls a few years ago, but there’s another fresh recall now. This one affects the Allergan branded “Taytulla” birth control pills. Specifically, the sample packs.

The problem with these packs is that the pills were placed out of order. The four placebo pills which were supposed to be at the end were inadvertently placed at the beginning. So, rather than starting the pack with the “active” pills, people were starting with the pills that don’t do anything. You can see the obvious problem with that. There are differences in the pill color though that you would recognise if you were taking them. Though if you take them in the dark, or just don’t have experience with the specific brand, they could be mistaken.

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So really, it’s a voluntary recall. The pills aren’t necessarily failing, but were put in the package in the wrong order. They do still encourage you to return the packages you have if they’re affected by the packaging error though. Again, the recall is only for the sample packs that you would get from your doctor at the office. If you went to a pharmacy or have the mail-order refills, there doesn’t seem to be any error with that packaging. Check out the official recall website here for some more details.

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