Are You Ready For Hugs Again?

By djsheryl on June 8, 2021
MADRID, SPAIN – JUNE 07: A mother and daughter embrace after 10 months without seeing each other in the facilities of Terminal T4 of the Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas Airport, on 7 June, 2021 in Madrid, Spain. Spain allows from Monday the entry of travelers who prove to be vaccinated against Covid-19 from third countries to the European Union and Schengen associated countries, except India, Brazil and South Africa. The vaccines accepted to date by the EMA or WHO are Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Janssen, Sinopharm and Sinovac-Coronavac. (Photo by Alejandro Martinez Velez/Europa Press via Getty Images)

Now that more people are getting vaccinated and California is fully reopening on the 15th…..are you ready to do things you haven’t done in over a year, like get handshakes and hugs? People were asked that in a recent survey and while most people said they are ready, a LOT of people said it still makes them nervous. That’s understandable since Covid-19 is still out there and still infecting people.  So how do you let people know to keep their distance without making it awkward? Color-coded wristbands might help in social situations.

There’s a company called “Social Bands” They make color coded wrist bands that people can wear to signal their comfort level with people touching them. Red means “keep your distance, preferably 6 feet away”….Green means “Hug away!” ….and Yellow means “I’m cautious. Please ask first”. Sounds like a simple, yet useful tool as we continue to figure all of this out. What do you think? Would you wear one? Tell me in the comments!

 (Photo by Alejandro Martinez Velez/Europa Press via Getty Images)

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