Are Lemonade Stands Legal In Sacramento?

Only 15 states currently allow kids to run lemonade stands without a permit.

By Marilyn Nelson on June 20, 2019
(Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

Summer is the peak time for kids to fight the boredom of the long, hot days and make a little cash by opening up a lemonade stands.  But is it legal? 

Currently, only 15 states allow unpermitted lemonade stands, and fortunately California is one of them. So, your kids won’t be breaking the law if they raid your kitchen and set up shop in the front yard.

Country Time Lemonade believe this time honored tradition needs to be legal across the nation, so the company is leading the fight. They’ve even set up the website Country Time Legal-Ade to help kids pay permit fees and help pay fines if they get shut down. They also support you getting political activism by encouraging parents and kids to reach out to their state representatives for change. 

If you’re looking of some family bonding time this summer, check out these lemonade stand ideas HERE.

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