Apple’s New Emojis Are Here – Including Redheads!

It’s always exciting when new emojis arrive

By Marilyn Nelson on November 1, 2018
(Photo by Atsushi Tomura/Getty Images)

Earlier this year Apple announced it’s rolling out 70 new emoji characters – and today is the day!

While most of them are food related, I’m super excited that the redhead emoji is part of the set. In addition to us ginger’s being represented. Bald and curly haired folks don’t worry, you’re also getting emojis.

Apple just released the iOS 12.1 update — which also includes the aforementioned food emojis, so you can add kale, cupcakes, bagels, salt, lobster, moon cake and mango to your text.

So far, the new emojis are only available through iOS public beta. If you’re an impatient redhead (guilty) and are not part of the iOS public beta, don’t worry. 

According to Altpress, “First and foremost, you will want to back up your phone. If you choose not to do this, you risk losing all of your data, which wouldn’t be a good time for anybody. You can do this while on wifi through the iCloud. Go to settings, select your device, then press iCloud Backup and finally, “Back Up Now.” Next, enroll in Apple’s Beta software program. Enter your Apple ID when prompted and then download your profile onto your device. Finally, you will want to update your device. After the update completes, you should be able to access the new emojis.”

Once the emojis roll out for everyone, you can delete yourself from the public beta by removing your public beta profile. 

You can check out all 70 new emojis HERE.

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