An Arrest Has Been Made In The Suspicious Packages Case

After a few days of suspicious packages being mailed around the country, police and federal officials have made an arrest in connection with the devices.

By DAVID on October 26, 2018
(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Some good news coming out of D.C. this morning about the suspicious packages. An arrest has been made, and hopefully it’s the right guy.

Happening this week, there were many suspicious packages found, sent to various political and entertainment industry figures. More information can be seen here, but we’ll give a quick summary of who received these packages just below. Inside the packages were pipe bombs, which were apparently rigged to explode somehow. The Clintons were sent a package, as well as the Obamas. The CNN office in New York had to evacuate, as well as the San Diego office of Senator Kamala Harris. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was sent one as well. Florida Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and California’s Maxine Waters. Most recently, Joe Biden, James Clapper, and Cory Booker were sent packages. A package arrived to actor Robert De Niro’s production company.

Well, just about an hour ago, an arrest was made in connection with those packages. There aren’t many details about the arrest at the moment, but we expect those to start coming out soon. Officials were focussing their search in Florida, and that’s where the arrest was made, as it seemed that all the packages originated from there. In total, 13 packages have been found, and no injuries have been reported from any of them. The devices in the packages were pipe bombs, all similar in construction. The envelopes in which the devices were sent are all similar as well, with six U.S. Flag stamps, and printed & cut names and addresses. Source.

UPDATE 9:45 – We’re receiving reports of a suspicious package that was just discovered at a Sacramento post office, on 44th in South Sac. Unconfirmed reports that it was addressed to Senator Kamala Harris, which would make this the second package she was sent this week. According to reports, the package does resemble the other ones that have been sent out this week. More information will come out soon, and we’ll keep you updated. Source.

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