Amazon Selling & Delivering 7 Foot Live Christmas Trees This Year

Will you buy your tree sight unseen from Amazon

By Marilyn Nelson on September 13, 2018
(Photo by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images)

So much for Christmas traditions.

This year, Amazon is selling full-size, fresh-cut Christmas trees. Last year they sold trees under three feet, but this year you can get a variety of trees up to 7 feet tall. Additionally, some will be Prime eligible so that means you get free delivery.

Starting in November, Amazon is selling trees such as Norfolk, Island pines, and Douglas firs, according to USA Today. The trees will be shipped out withing 10 days of being harvested. Prices will range from $115 for a seven-foot Fraser fir from North Carolina to $50 for fresh wreaths and $25 for holiday plants.

So, will you buy your tree sight unseen from Amazon?

Fa la la la la…


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