Amanda And Darik’s Three Things You Need To Know For 01-10-19

President Donald Trump sent a short tweet yesterday, Amazon creator Jeff Bezos is heading for divorce court, and PG&E might be getting a big homework assignment.

President Donald Trump sent a short but direct tweet, PG&E might be getting a homework assignment from a federal judge, and a divorce settlement could bring in almost $70 BILLION dollars.

President Donald Trump was in a meeting about the government shutdown. They were working to come to some sort of agreement to end the shutdown, but apparently it wasn’t working out. The President tweeted out about the meeting, saying it was a “total waste of time.” The shutdown continues.

PG&E is probably about to get a big homework assignment from a federal judge. The judge is considering putting an order in place that would make them inspect their power lines before the next wildfire season. It’s not just a few lines and distribution facilities, we’re talking about 106,000 thousand miles of power lines. That’s like driving from downtown Sac to New York City and back almost 19 times. There would also be official orders in place to have PG&E shut power off during high wind conditions. More info here.

Amazon creator and CEO Jeff Bezos is heading for divorce court. He and his wife MacKenzie have been married for 25 years. In a joint statement, seen below, they basically say that they’re splitting up, but will remain close friends and parents to their four children. There’s more information over here, but sit down for this. Jeff’s estimated net worth is around $137 BILLION, which could end up being one of the most expensive divorces ever.

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