A New Life For Your Old Toys

By djsheryl on May 11, 2021
03 September 2020, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Bruchsal: Various Barbie dolls are on display at the special exhibition “Busy girl – Barbie makes a career” at Schloss Bruchsal . More than 1000 objects from the world’s largest Barbie collection are presented. The exhibition can be seen from 5 September to 21 February 2021. Photo: Christoph Schmidt/dpa – ATTENTION: Only for editorial use in connection with a report on the exhibition and only with full mention of the above credit (Photo by Christoph Schmidt/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Did your parents “gift” you with boxes of your childhood toys when they were cleaning out their garage because they were “sure you’d want them”? Yeah….but you’d probably rather have space in your garage back, right? Well, if the thought of sending your childhood playmates to the dump is too awful to consider (Thanks, “Toy Story”!)….here’s a solution you can feel good about! Mattel is now recycling old toys and giving them a new life! The program is called “Mattel Playback” and all you have to do is go to their website, print a free shipping label, and then pack and mail the old toys back to the company. The toys will then be sorted and separated by material type and processed and recycled! Right now, it’s just for three of their brands, Barbie, Matchbox, and MEGA toys, but they have plans to expand it soon! They don’t have any data about how many tons of plastic this will keep out of the landfill, but every little bit helps!

(Photo by Christoph Schmidt/picture alliance via Getty Images)

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