A Lodi Winery Is Releasing A New Wine, To Support Research For COVID-19

A Lodi winery has developed a special edition Merlot, to help raise money for the research of COVID-19.

By NathanG on May 8, 2020
(Photo by Manny Carabel/Getty Images)

A winery in Lodi is doing its part to help support research for Coronavirus relief, by releasing an appropriately labeled new wine.

According to Good Day Sacramento, the Michael David winery is releasing a special Merlot called “Going Viral”. Owner Michael Phillips, who co-developed the special Merlot with his daughter, described the process for creating the wine. “Lodi isn’t really known for Merlot,” Phillips explained, “but this is off a family vineyard that my grandmother grew up on.”

Phillips went on to explain that “Going Viral” is a 2018 vintage Merlot that took about two years to bottle and release. When it was first being developed, the wine initially had nothing to do with COVID-19. The unique label on the Merlot is reportedly actually a design of a protein connected to a respiratory disease his daughter was working on. Dr. Rebecca Phillips-DuBois is a virologist and assistant professor of bio-molecular engineering at UC Santa Cruz.

All the money from this wine will now go to Coronavirus research and testing that DuBois is working on, with each bottle selling for $28 on their website and at the winery in Lodi.

To read more about the wine and the cause that it supports, click here.

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