Get Paid $1000 to Taste Every Pumpkin Item at Trader Joe’s

By djsheryl on August 25, 2022
(Photo by Michael Brochstein/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Do you love pumpkin spice? Like, really loooooove pumpkin spice? This might be the job for you! The website, FinanceBuzz wants to pay someone to test and rate every pumpkin item Trader Joes is selling this year.

The chosen “Pumpkin Spice Pundit” will entail taste and evaluate all the pumpkin items sold at Trader Joe’s, including: pumpkin-stuffed ravioli, pumpkin samosas, pumpkin waffles, pumpkin-flavored cereal, cinnamon rolls, apple cider donuts, pumpkin ice cream, apple cider, and pumpkin-spiced ginger brew. They also have pumpkin spice dog biscuits…not sure if you’d have to taste those. FinanceBuzz will use the taster’s evaluations for market research to help shoppers decide which foods to buy at Trader Joe’s and which ones they can ultimately skip this fall.

If chosen, you can expect to be paid $1,000, plus another $500 in the form of a Trader Joe’s gift card to buy the fall items to be tasted.

Interested? You have until Sunday to apply here. Good luck!

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