You Won’t Believe How Much Trash Volunteers Have Pulled Out of Lake Tahoe!

By djsheryl on May 13, 2022
(Photo by George Rose/Getty Images)

Lake Tahoe is famous for its beautiful clear water. Unfortunately, below the surface lurks a LOT of trash! Volunteers with the non-profit, Clean Up the Lake, have spent an entire year diving in and pulling trash out of Lake Tahoe. In one year, they removed over 25,000 pounds of trash!

Volunteers for the project removed thousands of aluminum cans, hundreds of tennis and golf balls, and more than a hundred anchors. They also came across more unique items, including a Nikon film camera from the 1980s, vinyl records and a Walkman with a Tower of Power tape. What is going to happen to all that trash? Well, the non-profit Tahoe Fund is commissioning artists to create a sculpture made from Tahoe’s trash. The trash art will be displayed at an events center currently being built in Stateline.

If you would like to help the efforts of Clean Up the Lake, click here to find out more ways to get involved!

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