Yet ANOTHER Ridiculous Prank Going Around On Social Media

A mother shared the story about how her son was kidnapped by someone who said he was just doing a social media prank.

By DAVID on August 15, 2018
(Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

We’ve got to draw a line somewhere. Pranks can be fun, yes. Taking wrapping paper to things in your co-workers cube when they’re on vacation, taping their phone receiver down, things like that. Those are pranks. When you pretend to kidnap a random stranger’s kid – that’s a crime. That is not a prank.

This happened in Charlotte, NC over the weekend. A mother was walking with her two children after having lunch. They went around a family that was sitting down on a sidewalk to give them some room. As they were passing, one of the family members sitting pulled out his phone, and started talking as if he was “going live” on social media. As they were passing, the mother heard the man say something about “kidnapping.” She turned around in time to see the man grab her young son, and take off running down the street.

Her daughter, the son’s older sister, took off after the guy, and managed to grab her brother’s leg. She starting hitting the man, trying to get him to release the boy. The mother, also running after the man, managed to catch up. Once she did, she says the man dropped her son and then crouched down on the ground. That’s when she says the man said it was a prank. “When I reach him, he drops my son on the ground and he crouches down to the ground and he says, ‘Ma’am, ma’am, this is a kidnap pranking, I’m pranking you,'” she said.

What sort of IDIOT ever thought that was a good idea? Seriously, how absolutely stupid does someone have to be to go “hey, this’ll be funny, let me pretend to kidnap someone’s child.” I’d have a hard time holding anything back from someone if they ever tried that on me. I can’t even imagine how I would react to that. I was actually yelling at my screen when I saw this story. Here’s the original interview with the mom.

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