Woman Sent To Jail After Going Through Husband's Phone

By DAVID on October 8, 2018

This happened over in the United Arab Emirates due to a very strict privacy law they have. The law says “married couples are forbidden from accessing each other’s personal phones without permission, even if one of them suspects the other of cheating.”

The sentence is for 3 months, and yes, it’s just because she went through her husband’s phone. Apparently the husband had been cheating in the past, talking to other women. He says that she would get into his phone while he was sleeping and copy all the information over to her own. That way she could look through it later when he wasn’t around. He also claims that she was sharing information about him with her siblings. Again, they’ve got some seriously strict privacy laws over in the UAE. This doesn’t make it right, of course, at all. But the fact that the husband actually sent his wife to jail for looking through his phone raises a lot of debate.

It really opens up a viewpoint into other parts of the world though. Some people on social media were actually siding with the husband and the law, saying that she got what she deserved. “She deserves this. No one told her to go through his phone,” read one translated tweet about the story. Another user, siding with the woman in this case, says “If she wasn’t suspicious over something, she wouldn’t have gone through his phone. Isn’t is shameful for him to jail his own wife?” Others were indifferent to the situation, with one saying “Haven’t couples who look through each other’s phones gone extinct yet?,” and “Marriage is such a headache.” See some more information on the story and arrest over here. Have you ever caught your spouse looking through your phone? Does your family have any sort of “privacy policy” of your own?

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