Woman Crashes Car, Leaves Baby With Stranger And Runs Off

After causing an accident and speeding away, she crashed into a fence and took off on foot, leaving her baby with a complete stranger.

By on May 31, 2018
(Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

A lot of us have been involved in a traffic accident of some sort. Whether someone came into our lane and hit us on the highway or bumped us at a traffic light. People pull out into traffic in front of others every day. Maybe even some of us have accidentally rolled into someone at a stop. Oops, but hey, it does happen. This lady crashed her car, but she left the scene – and for some reason she left her baby to handle the situation.

Here’s the scene. The woman got into a minor bumper-banger accident with someone else. Rather than stopping and handling the situation properly, she took off. She drove, speeding away from that minor accident and ran a red light. After running the red light, she somehow swerved and ended up on a sidewalk. The other side of that sidewalk was a middle school’s fence. No, school was out at the time, this happened later in the evening. She ran her ar into a light pole and then the fence of that middle school. The whole time, she had her 1-year-old baby in the car with her.

Finally, she exited the car, with many witnesses around at this point, mind you. By now, you’d think she’d just admit running from the earlier accident and causing a second crash. You’d think that she would just take a deep breath and come clean about everything. Well, not exactly. Instead of just owning up, she handed her baby to a stranger and took off on foot. I’m not kidding – she gave her 1-year-old to a witness, and took off running. Of course she was captured and arrested shortly afterwards. Arrested at the hospital where she was looking for her baby, that is. Check out more details and why she was actually running (the charges she’s got now) over here.

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