Woman Celebrates Her 101st Birthday At Her Favorite Spot – Taco Bell

She’s tried everything in the menu, but her favorite is…

By Pacey on August 16, 2018
(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Wanna live to be 101? Just do what Ruth does, eat at Taco Bell twice a week!

Ruth Parker lives in Carbondale, Illinois and just turned 101. She didn’t want to celebrate with a lavish party. Instead, she marked the occasion with a trip to Taco Bell! That’s nothing new though. She’s been going to that particular Taco Bell every Tuesday and Friday for the past 18 years.

“No matter what, we all know Miss Ruth and we all make her a part of our lives and talk to her,” Store Manager, Rebecca Gefro told KFVS, “We just love her to death.”

In that time she says she’s tried everything on the menu, but her favorite are the new Nacho Fries.

We love Ruth! And love that it gives us hope!


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