Woman Who Killed Boyfriend In YouTube Stunt Gets Prison Sentence

A woman in Minnesota received a prison sentence after accidentally killing her boyfriend for a YouTube stunt. The two hoped that the dangerous act would propel them into fame.

By WKBW on March 15, 2018
(Photo by Alan Crowhurst/Getty Images)

Monalisa Perez and her boyfriend Pedro Ruiz III attempted an incredibly dangerous act in order to gain fame on YouTube. It instead ended in Ruiz’s death.

Perez, 20, stood only one foot away from Ruiz with a handgun as he held a hardcover encyclopedia over his chest. The two mistakenly believed that the book would be enough to stop the .50-caliber bullet. Cameras caught the moment Ruiz died.

Perez said in a recorded 911 call presented by the Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

“We were doing a YouTube video, and it went wrong. It’s all on recording.”

Perez pleaded guilty and entered her plea agreement for 180 days in jail. She needs to serve 30 days in jail every year from now until 2020. Afterwards, she may be allowed to serve the remaining balance under home electronic monitoring. It depends on if she abides by the terms of her 10-year supervised probation.

Perez’s sentence was relatively light because of the fact that the stunt was Ruiz’s idea, reports NTD. She even wrote on Twitter saying as much before they filmed:

“Me and Pedro are probably going to shoot one of the most dangerous videos ever. HIS idea not MINE.”

Perez has two children with Ruiz. She was pregnant with her second child during the time they filmed the video.

The couple’s YouTube channel is still up, and has drawn millions of views since Ruiz’s death on June 26, 2017. The two filmed various stunts and pranks. Investigators have withheld the footage of Ruiz’s death.

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