Wine Country Worried About Business Following Wildfires And How You Can Help

Done and DONE!

By Doug Lazy on October 20, 2017
(Photo by Elijah Nouvelage/Getty Images)

As you can imagine, people and businesses in Napa and Sonoma are doing everything they can to get back to business as usual, despite the lingering brown haze and the damage left behind by wildfires that burned several thousand acres. Wine country generates more than $110 billion for the economy and is a top destination for more than 23 million tourists a year. But, with fires, a lot of people were forced to cancel trips, weddings and outings and many are probably thinking twice about booking an upcoming vacation. Sonoma County is already estimating its lost nearly $3 billion because of the wildfires. So, what can we do? One winery says, if you have a winery you like, just buy their wine! Drink their wine. If they can keep wine moving from the vine to your table, that will help businesses get through these tough times.

Sounds like a tough job, but I think a lot of us are up for the task. Happy to help! 

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