Why Having Work Friends Is So Important!

Say hi to that new co-worker…it could change your life!

By Admin on January 15, 2019
(Photo by Joe Raedle/Newsmakers)

Marilyn and I…are tight. We talk almost every day, vent to each other, share secrets with each other…she is my best work friend. I’m sure some employers would prefer if people didn’t connect on that level at work, but it turns out…it’s actually really good for you to have solid work-friendships!

But – it’s not as common now as it once was. FastCompany writes:

“…studies show that not only are we less likely to forge friendships in the office, we tend to eschew the niceties of interaction in favor of productivity. That’s due to a few factors, including shortened job tenures (these people will be out of my life in less than four years), the rise of social media (I can Skype and message all my high school and college BFFs!), and the increasing blur between work and personal life (I need to keep some time to myself).”

Thankfully the article continues with some tips on how to make a new friend at the office:

Finding common ground can certainly help make an initial connection, but oversharing is a no-no. Avoid talking about romantic relationships, at least in the beginning. And be mindful of personal space. Taking a friendship from the office to the outside world is a big step in the relationship. Start by going out to lunch or commuting together before making the leap to evening and weekend engagements.

So – say hi to that new co-worker…it could change your life!

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