What is a #Vsco Girl? | Amanda & Darik

By Admin on August 28, 2019

There’s a new term floating around the internet labeling women that you need to know about.  

It’s #Vsco. It’s pronounced “visco.”  Amanda noticed her teenagers using the term in conversations and on Instagram.  Is it mean?  Nice? Bullying? 

Not necessarily.  It’s a term to describe a girl that is “on trend”, and was inspired by the photo app Vsco that allows you to post pictures with flattering filters, but eliminates the pressure of getting likes.

Urban Dictionary defines it as:  A girl who has, scrunchies, hydro flaskApple Watch, AirPods, Apple Watch and Birkenstock’s. 

So they are the girls you see walking with a Starbucks drink in their hands, They also edit the photos on Vsco

It makes total sense now! Are you a Vsco Girl? 


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