What Halloween Candy You Should Eat Based Off Your Zodiac Sign

By Marilyn Nelson on October 3, 2018

With Halloween quickly approaching, our minds turn toward the sweet taste of candy. Just because we’re not out there knocking on doors anymore doesn’t mean we don’t love an occasional piece of candy – or five.

Elite Daily thinks they’ve figured out how to pick the perfect candy for you based on your zodiac sign. Hot Tamales, Reeses, Nerds? You may be an Aries, Taurus or Gemini.

Let’s see if you think they’re accurate.

  • Aquarius — Sour Patch Kids (you’re unique and inventive so you’re down with sweet and sour)
  • Pisces — Milky Way (you’re comforting and compassionate so soft, caramel, nougat and chocolate warm your soul)
  • Aries — Hot Tamales (you’re confident and dynamic and your flavor choice is also bold)
  • Taurus — Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (you’re loving and reliable and gravitate toward the OG Reese’s cups)
  • Gemini — Nerds (you’re quirky and fun and a bit nerdy and this candy accentuates your adorable side)
  • Cancer — M&M’s (you’re lovable and organized so this classic candy is practically calling your name)
  • Leo — Twix (you’re sensual, creative and a bit bossy so a smooth and crunchy bar is what you need)
  • Virgo — Candy Corn (you have a tendency to be a perfectionist, and this is the most Halloween-themed candy ever)
  • Libra — Gummy Bears (you’re charming and easy going and so are these chewy, juicy treats)
  • Scorpio — Twizzlers (as a passionate, obsessive individual blood-red Twizzlers are said to also be an aphrodisiac)
  • Sagittarius — Skittles (always the optimist, of course you crave the entire rainbow)
  • Capricorn — Tootsie Pops (since you’re extremely determined and driven, you’re naturally up for the challenge of getting to the middle)

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