We Could See One of the Best California Superblooms in Years

By djsheryl on February 3, 2023
(Photo by: Francois Gohier / VWPics/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

All this rain we’ve been deluged with could have a beautiful silver lining. Experts are predicting that California will see one the best superblooms in years this spring!

“Superblooms” in California happen when conditions are just right. Those conditions include a LOT of rain at just the right time amd of course, the right amount of sunshine. When this happens, native wildflowers, that lay dormant in the soil, all bloom at once. So far, we are on track for a gorgeous superbloom in 2023!

Here’s where to see the superbloom at its best in Northern California.

Calero County Park has 18.9 miles of trails found in the backcountry section of the park. If you visit in late March, you’ll see an explosion of color. California gilia, narrowleaf flaxflower, and smooth cat’s ear brighten the trails and paths.

Briones Regional Park in the San Francisco Bay area features some of the best East Bay hiking trails featuring the most kaleidoscopic wildflowers in the region. When visiting in spring, you’ll find this area dotted with Himalayan blackberry, California saxifrage, brass buttons, yellow Jonny-tuck, red-stem filaree, baby blue-eyes, and arroyo lupine.

Sunol Regional Wilderness, also in the Bay Area, has more than 30 trails that lead to flower fields of seaside heliotrope, California buckeye, Western Virgin’s bower, and cow parsnip. For yellow and red varieties, keep an eye out for native annuals like Lindley’s blazing star, common fiddleneck, rattlesnake weed, California lotus, and mountain garland. Visitors say the most impressive thing you’ll see at the Sunol Regional Wilderness is the sea of blue and purple California wildflowers.

Mount Diablo State Park features over 400 different varieties of wildflowers that start blooming in in February, resulting in the best photo ops you can find in the Bay Area. No matter which trail you’re hiking…Mitchell Canyon, Waterfalls of Mount Diablo Loop, or Mary Bowerman Interpretive Trail, you’ll find yourself engulfed in a sea of super blooms.

Plan those hikes now, the flowers will be blooming before you know it!

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