Huge Sacramento Artist Wayne Thiebaud Exhibition Coming To UC Davis

Sacramento renown artist Wayne Thiebaud is getting a special exhibit in UC Davis that opens today, Jan. 16. The exhibit is free to the public!

By Admin on January 16, 2018
wayne thiebaud
(Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

UC Davis had its Grand Opening today, Jan. 16, of an art exhibition entirely dedicated to Sacramento artist Wayne Thiebaud.

Thiebaud has reached national acclaim with pieces in art galleries and museums all throughout the United States. Sacramento’s Crocker Art Museum hosts a number of his paintings, as well. Visitors can now see Thiebaud’s pieces at the Manetti Shrem Museum in Davis for free!

The artist spent over two decades as a UC Davis professor. He began to gain recognition in the 1950s right before the pop art movement. As CBS reports, many of his pieces have sold for millions over the years.

It took Rachel Teagle and her team almost three years to acquire all 60 pieces for this exhibit. The pieces were ones that Thiebaud created between 1958-1968, during his formative years. This is the first time these paintings are back together after more than 50 years. The now 97-year-old artist still resides in Sacramento and produces work today.

Be sure to check out the exhibition! The public reception will be held this Thursday, Jan. 18.

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