Watch For ‘Smartphone Zombies’ Street Sign

A sign was posted near a school urging drivers to watch out for “smartphone zombies.”

By on April 26, 2018
(Photo by Olivia Harris/Getty Images)

We see it everywhere, walking around the grocery store, at concerts, in malls, everywhere. People, adults and children alike, looking down at their smartphones while walking around. They run into things, they bump into people, they trip. There’s a new sign warning drivers to be on the lookout for “smartphone zombies” too, and it’s equal parts funny and depressing. This was a really big problem around the time “Pokemon Go” came out.

First of all, the sign was a prank, but it got us wondering just how much longer it will only be an idea. We’re sure there will be actual signs like this soon. It’s a sign for drivers, not for pedestrians, that warns to be on the lookout for “smartphone zombies.” Yes, it was posted to alert drivers on a stretch of road to watch out for people not paying attention. Again, this was done as a prank, but it does prove an interesting point. Phones are taking over the world, and people aren’t paying attention.

You could argue that the signs are needed to protect those not paying attention. I mean, if we post signs for the pedestrians to follow, they won’t notice the signs anyway. It really is a real problem – I see it when I’m driving around downtown in Sacramento. People just step into the roads without looking, outside of a crosswalk, or buried so deep in their phone they walk straight into a parked car. Yes, I’ve really seen that happen a few times. Check out a picture of the sign here. Do you think a sign like this is a good idea? Should people just learn to put their phones away when they’re walking around? Have you ever seen anybody hurt themselves because they were texting while walking?

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