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WATCH: 2 Men Vandalize A Tesla Parked In Old Sacramento

Do you recognize these guys?

Tesla recently added a Sentry Mode to its vehicles. Hopefully the security camera helps catch 2 men who vandalized a Model 3 parked on the street in Old Sacramento. The car’s video captured the men deliberately keying and denting the electric vehicle.

The incident was caught last Thursday evening (5/9) on the car’s security camera and shared on Reddit.  The footage shows two men appear to notice a scratch or ding on the door of their Dodge Ram truck, parked beside the Tesla. That’s when the camera records one of the men pulling out a key and dragging it along the side of the Model 3. 

Laughing between themselves – as the camera continues to record – the men come back to do more damage. One man opens the door of the Dodge Ram hard into the side of the Tesla, leaving a dent. The other, who originally keyed the car comes back for more, adding more scratches. 

It seems pretty obvious the damage was totally intentional. Unfortunately, the truck’s license plate wasn’t captured on the video. However, the faces of the men – one wearing a “Merica” shirt – are clearly visible.

Watch the video below and if you recognize either of these guys, call the Sacramento Police Department at 916-264-5471



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